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Central Mississippi Office
Highland Village, Suite 278
4500 Interstate 55 North
Jackson, MS 39211
Telephone:  601.812.5885
Facsimile:  601.852.1142

North Mississippi Office:
1016 Louisville Street, Suite E
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
Telephone:  662.268.5096
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Public Entity Representation.

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Lydia Quarles is a former city attorney and city prosecuting attorney for the City of Starkville, Mississippi. Jim Mozingo is a former assistant city attorney for the City of Jackson, Mississippi. In addition, they have represented county boards of supervisors, school districts, electric power associations and public water districts. Each has been responsible for running a state agency - Lydia as a Commissioner of the Mississippi Workers' Compensation Commission and Jim as a member of and chairman of the Mississippi Board of Bar Admissions. Lydia and Jim have extensive knowledge and experience in government contracting, governmental liability and governmental licensing issues.


Quarles and Mozingo have handled all manner of contracts for and with public entities

throughout Mississippi and in a number of other states. For example, Jim has

negotiated privatization contracts with several Mississippi municipalities and with public

entities in Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma.


Other examples of their work with State and Municipal Government, include:

  • State Licensing and Disciplinary boards (including ethics issues), particularly the Board of Medical Licensure, the Board of Nursing, Board of Psychology, Board of Pharmacy, the Board of Bar Admissions, the Mississippi Bar and the Board of Contractors;
  • Sales and Use tax issues with the Mississippi State Tax Commission;
  • Municipal Annexation (or de-annexation);
  • Government contracts (State, county and municipal);
  • Governmental Liability;
  • Eminent Domain;
  • Division of Medicaid (audits and reimbursements).


Firm Updates